I want to talk to you about the BIGGEST thing
that has hurt my business during the last few years…

I’m talking about “fear”… Perhaps you can relate,
there’s a great opportunity in front of you to have
a great result… yet you fear the steps that it will
take to get there.

For example, it always scared me to “meet people”
and so I denied a request to speak at an event
earlier this year…

That event probably would have added thousands
of dollars in income… And really helped me, but I
rejected the offer… Why? Because I was SCARED
of something… What? Being rejected, having stage
fright, whatever the case may be…

Next week, I’ll be heading out to the Warrior Event
in Raleigh, NC and hanging out with some pretty
cool marketers… You have to dominate your fears
to achieve success…

So that’s my story with fear… One of the things I hear
many times from my readers, is that they are AFRAID
of success… If your saying “seriously??”, well… Think
about this….

Did you ever think about creating a product, and how
much money you could make off that product? Or think
about creating a blog and how much money you could
make off that blog?… But that something stopped you..

Maybe it was “I’m not good enough”, or “I couldn’t
do that”… Those excuses all come from FEAR, fear
of not achieving the success you want….

You have to take chances, risks, experience new things
to be successful… otherwise you won’t be successful

The most powerful thing I could ever say to you, was
that you can succeed at everything you try… If  you just
try it. You can’t let things like “fear” hold you back from
the success you’re made to achieve.

Go ahead and achieve it :-).

To Your Success,


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To Your Success,

i hit a bird…


Yesterday I was driving down the road… and
all of a sudden I hit a bird that had been
sitting idle on the side of the road.

Yup, the silly thing decided it would like
to take flight as I drove along.

…It just came right at my front windshield.

Luckily, it bounced off and no damage was
done… other then the slight shock to me.

However, it really made me think about how
tiny things can be huge distractions… huge
obstacles for our business.

That bird was a huge distraction, for me the
rest of the drive, “was it ok?” “was my car
ok?”.. All that stuff was running through my

And yet, it was only a small thing. The bird
was of course fine, and the car was of course

Small things are REALLY big distractions for
us, and if you can’t ignore “small issues” your
not going to be able to grow your business, because
you’re focused ON the small stuff.

A great example of this is people who write
e-books, and like to get all fancy. You know
the headers, graphics, all inside the book?

Well, think about this… While you were making
that epic looking book, you could have made a
sales letter so that someone would ACTUALLY
see that book.

There was really no need for those graphics, was
there? Other then you sweating the small stuff because

Point Blank: You gotta focus on the BIG stuff, and
let the small stuff fall into place.

One of my mentors really sparked this into me, he
said “get your products done in a few hours, one
sitting always”. Why did he make that point? He wanted
me to put out QUALITY stuff instead of wasting my time
sweating all the small things in products.

…Just get it done.

I’ll leave you with this, I’m doing a training program
tomorrow with my friend Mike Carraway about how to
sell stuff online. I’d really appreciate if you would
join us. Feel free to get the details at the link


Talk Soon,