How Do I Get More People To Come To My Webinars?

Today I want to talk to you all about webinars, they are basically seminars that are run online, mainly through the use of the “gotowebinar” platform from Citrix. Webinars are a useful way to get messages out to prospective customers, current customers, and businesses. I personally have used webinars to earn thousands of dollars in under a few hours, and so have many of my colleagues online and offline.

The point is, webinars are a great way to build up more income for your business, and to be able to connect with current customers of your business. However, their is a big problem with webinars. That problem is “show ups”. When you run a webinar, you typically send out a registration page and you can get hundreds to thousands of people that register. However, in many cases less then 50% will actually come to your webinar. Now, consider if you’re running a promotional webinar, how much money is lost because of all those people just not coming.

…And why don’t they come? Well, typically it’s because they’ve totally forgotten that they had planned to attend a webinar at all. Personally, I remember the next day, and go “oh my gosh”, because I’ve missed the webinar. Now, there is a very simple solution to this problem, that solution is to remind people of your webinar closer to the call so they will remember to show up.

Commonly, people assume that just with the “gotowebinar” reminder e-mails, that everyone will remember to attend a webinar, that’s not the case in the slightest. These e-mails, in fact go out almost an hour before the webinar, and many people can forget a lot of things in the span of an hour, and will still forget to attend your webinars. Another tactic, is to add people to a mailing list, which you need extra software to do. Then, they get e-mails 30 minutes before, etc for the webinar.

However, both of those tactics have one big whole, a lot of people don’t check there e-mail every hour, or every few minutes – so they won’t actually get the e-mail. The solution is, to connect with them in a new way. That way is through mobile phones. You see, over 97% of SMS messages are actually opened, compared to e-mail in which a 30% open rate is actually fairly good. As well, most people will answer the phone when they get a phone call.

Which means, that if you could remind people via there mobile devices, through a phone call or an SMS message you could instantly increase your webinar show up rates exponentially, because people would actually be reminded to come – and would read the reminder. Unlike e-mail, it’s actually going somewhere that most people check, and read.

If you’re looking to increase show ups to your webinars, then you need a system with automated calling, SMS, and integration with auto responders — so that you will be able to increase show ups to your webinars.

Caleb Spilchen


WebinarApp is a joint venture project between Caleb Spilchen & Strike Internet Services, that will allow you to use SMS, Automated Calling, and auto responders in order for you to get more people to show up to your webinars. You can get access with unlimited webinars to WebinarApp at a low entry price. Check it out at .

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