This Business Plan Isn’t For You: The Truth

Caleb here…

Recently, the big trend is to sell the secrets, which is in essence the hot sauce that everyone wants to buy in Internet Marketing… I’ve been known to buy a lot of the spicy stuff, and lately I’ve noticed a trend… The peeps that buy more then me (A LOT MORE), have a problem, and that problem is, the way they look at a purchase.

If I was to purchase anything, I don’t care what it is… If it’s related to Internet Marketing, then I’m talking about that, I am going to buy it so that I can get new ideas for MY business ~ But the latest trend among most peeps is that when you buy a so called “ACTIONABLE” guide, you take action on the dets in that guide.. And while in theory that sounds GREAT, it’s just not… Why? Because most people (95%+) will never take action on ANY guide that they purchase..

I mean here are just some of the reasons.

  • “This isn’t right for me”… – I get this one as a refund request all the time… This wasn’t right for me, this isn’t something that I can do.
  • I don’t know how
  • This doesn’t work.

These are all reasons that I get for people not taking action. So buyers, listen up. What you’re buying is not a business plan for you, nah…. What you’re buying is someone ELSES business plan, that they USED to achieve success and now they’re giving you the opportunity to use it.

But think of that sentence again. It’s THEIR business plan, which means ~ that even though it worked for them, that doesn’t mean its going to work exactly the SAME for YOU. You need to have your OWN business plan.

So am I saying screw products, just make things up for yourself?

Heck no, what I am saying, is you need to learn the tactics of BITS and pieces. When you buy someone’s plan for making money, take out KEY ideas, KEY plans, and then use those to form your OWN business plan… Your business plan MUST be something that…

  • You can use.
  • You will like to do.
  • And you believe will be profitable

What I’m saying by You will like to do, is that… It can’t feel like a day job to you, it needs to be something that you will enjoy doing and look forward to doing every day. If you’re sick and tired of your freaking day job, why in the world would you move online and do something that you DON’T WANT TO DO?

That pretty well defeats the purpose… So buyer’s seriously, make up a plan of attack from the resources you read, don’t just take them as they are… because guess what? At the end of the day, you could end up finding that although they worked for Joe Schmoe, they may not work exactly right for you… We’re all unique peeps, so be unique… Don’t turn into someone else.

I hope this helps some of my peeps… I’m going to be talking about stuff related to this tonight on my Talk Show… You can feel free to join me tonight for a sweet discussion…

>> 6PM EST.

Talk Soon,


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